Linda F. Toukan (TWO-khan) n.  
A results-driven, quality-oriented,  IT and Marketing consultant
uniquely blends technical, analytical and creative talents to
cut costs, generate revenues and capitalize opportunities; bright,
satisfaction derived from helping others succeed.  

Prior to establishing Toukan Consulting in 1996, her ability for
identifying and capitalizing on opportunities helped
over $1 million in revenue
while holding key marketing         
management positions at Comcast Metrophone.
(See Resume)

Miss Toukan is competitive and fully embraces Tom Peter’s
philosophy of continuous improvements - qualities she imparts
to clients.
Toukan Consulting Offers
  Over 20 years of successful professional experience combined
in the manufacturing and service industries
•    Experienced programmer/analyst providing a
comprehensive systems approach and computer know-how to
aid cost cutting and revenue generation
•    Familiar with a variety of marketing strategies and
techniques including:  event, sports, seminar & data base
marketing, segmentation analysis, cross-marketing, tie-in & sales
promotions, incentive and retention programs
•  Systems development and design including data gathering
and analysis, programming, User training
•   MBA in marketing from Drexel University
•   BA in psychology from Villanova University
•   Hard working, ethical solution-maker with i
(See Award)
About Us
       Toukan Consulting          Results-Driven.     Quality-Oriented.
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